Megan Fox Luxury Homes and Design Inspiration

Megan Fox Luxury Homes and Design Inspiration

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Megan Denise Fox or commonly known as Megan Fox, rocked your teenage years as she appeared in several popular films back in the day. Megan Fox is recognized for her public image and looks and has appeared in numerous magazines such as Maxim, Rolling Stone, and FHM. She is the recipient of several accolades, including two Scream Awards and four Teen Choice Awards.

Megan Fox made her acting debut in the family film Holiday in the Sun in 2001, which was followed by numerous supporting roles in film and television, such as the teen musical comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen in 2004 (with fellow actress Lindsay Lohan), as well as a starring role in the ABC sitcom Hope and Faith from 2004 to 2006. Her breakout role was playing as Mikaela Banes in the blockbuster action film Transformers in 2007, which she reprised in its sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in 2009. She also portrayed the titular character in the horror-comedy Jennifer's Body in 2009, starred as April O'Neil in the superhero action film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2014 and its sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows in 2016. She also starred as Reagan Lucas in the fifth and sixth seasons of the Fox sitcom New Girl from 2016 to 2017.

Recently, Megan Fox came out as bisexual and said she believes that "all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. A peculiar mindset that Megan Fox also has is that she has a general distrust and dislike of men and considers herself as asocial. In an interview with Megan Fox, she revealed that she would rather stay at home instead of going out.

Megan Fox is truly an interesting person with equally interesting perceptions about life. This is why it would be interesting to see how Megan expresses herself through interior design in several luxury homes! If you want to see an exclusive glimpse of Megan’s Fox's previous and current luxury homes, continue reading the article below!

2014: Megan Fox Mediterranean Los Feliz Home

Back in 2014, Megan Fox and then-husband Brian Austin Green purchased a beautiful luxury home in Los Feliz. The main interior design theme of their Los Feliz Home was the Mediterranean. What more is that their Los Feliz home has views of downtown L.A., Long Beach, Century City, and the ocean, plus a swimming pool and lots of outdoor patio and yard space. The couple styled it with bold wallpapers, Spanish tile, and antique lighting. They also updated it technologically, adding projection screens, a sound system, and video camera surveillance. Together with their two children, the couple lived in this luxury home for two years and decided to list it in the market for a little under $ 4 million.

Here are a couple of interior design tips if you want to be inspired by Megan Fox’s Mediterranean Los Feliz home.

Mediterranean Design Elements

The Mediterranean interior design creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. House and apartment arrangement in the Mediterranean interior design style has arisen in Western Europe and Near East: Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries. The main feature of this style is its simplicity in the interior. Therefore, all the elements combine creativity, comfort, and practicality. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate this design aesthetic into your home.

  • Use White as a Theme

In a warm climate, protection from the sun and heat is crucial for the greater part of the year. It is no surprise, then, that buildings are often coated in reflective white. Besides the cooling and antibacterial properties of the traditional limewash, the white finish promotes visual relaxation and a sense of cleanliness for both the eye and the mind. Take inspiration with this Thomas Lighting White Pendant that would look great in your kitchen.

Megan Fox

  • Use Blue as an Accent Color

More than any other color, blue acts as the counterpoint to white’s dominance in the region’s architecture. Its diverse shades include pale blue, turquoise, and ultramarine are the most frequently used. You can recall the sea and break up the uniformity of a white backdrop. Blue is great not only for doors, window frames, and finishes but also for furniture and accessories. A great example is this Chelsea House Hobbs Blue Vase which will look great as a home accent in your living room!

  • Invest in Stone

Highly prized and frequently used throughout the area, the stone is often left exposed in outdoor and indoor spaces. It is also versatile, allowing for the creation of beautiful pieces like this amazing bathtub. Especially characteristic of the region is tuff, a stone formed from compacted volcanic ash.

  • Use Ceramics

Italy’s majolica pottery, Morocco’s Zelig tile, and the azulejo tile of Spain and Portugal are a huge part of the Mediterranean tradition. The use of new or salvaged tile, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, evokes the charm of Mediterranean style and allows for thousands of decorative possibilities from different tile combinations. A great example is this Baxton Studio Alma Spanish Mediterranean Inspired White Wood And Blue Floral Tile Style 5-Drawer Accent Chest for your bedroom!

  • Go, Al Fresco!

Mediterranean style includes rich ceiling frescoes and sophisticated floor designs, often featuring floral motifs or mythological scenes in villas and palaces. These elements can blend with contemporary furniture for a more modern take or create deliberate accents within the Mediterranean aesthetic.

  • Choose Handmade Materials

Whether you are in Italy, Greece, or Morocco, many elements in the Mediterranean architectural vernacular have smooth shapes that have been lovingly fashioned by hand. Chairs, countertops, built-in benches, and niches are often hand-crafted. Especially when stylishly embellished with personal items, such elements speak to an individual and human touch. This Nuevo Living Stacking Bench Occasional Bench will add a great Mediterranean touch to your patio.

  • Go for Wooden Furniture

The furniture that has a privileged role in Mediterranean interiors is therefore also handmade, unsophisticated, and marked by the passage of time. This furniture exalts in the beauty of the simple and slow work that lies at the heart of its creation. For a traditional Mediterranean aesthetic, look at conifer woods especially.

  • Invest in Reed Pergolas

On hot and sunny days, pergolas with reed lattices make terraces and gardens enjoyable even during the warmest hours. Their structure promotes the growth of climbing plants, which add spontaneous, organic decoration. In the evening, a latticed pergola beckons to the house's guests, serving as the natural center for a delightful outdoor dinner.

How to have a Smart Home

You will notice that Megan Fox and her ex-husband invested in smart tech to make their home as sophisticated and innovative as possible. If you are wondering how you can have a smart home, here are the first steps to do it!

  • Invest in a Strong Wi-Fi Connection

You need to make sure that you have a strong wireless connection, so whatever smart home devices you use are not affected by patchy Wi-Fi spots. And with more people working from home, responsive broadband is a must for all those Zoom calls. 

This might mean investing in a Wi-Fi booster or extender, which can expand the range of your wireless network. However, if the internet connection entering your home is already slow, or if the booster is too far from the router, it may be disappointingly ineffective. So, contact your provider to see what they can do to help you before spending any money.

  • Pick your Smart Assistant

Picking a Smart Assistant is the perfect place to begin as the smart speakers can control other smart devices with simple voice commands. There are several popular smart speakers available on the market, with each having its benefits. 

Each speaker listens to your instructions on command and can be set up to operate many features around the home, from lighting and thermostats to security cameras. Not only are the devices useful within our four walls, but they are also helpful for organizing personal and family schedules. The speakers can create, edit, and remind you of events on your calendar, monitor your work commute, and audibly run through recipes with you step by step.

  • Install a Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting is not only one of the most affordable smart home devices, but it can also be quite easy to set up. Once in place, you need to connect them to your smartphone via an app. After that, you can control the lights as and when you see fit. They allow you to schedule your lights, arranging them to turn on or off at specific times and make the house look naturally occupied when you are away.  Most smart bulbs consume less energy than regular light bulbs making them more energy-efficient and financially friendly in the long run.

  • Invest in Smart Security

If you are looking to amp up security around your home, smart locks and video doorbells can offer this. Smart locks reduce the worry of forgetting your key, with some models allowing you to operate the lock remotely through an app. Once you install a smart lock, you can feel even more secure with a smart video doorbell. 

These devices allow you to see who is at your door and talk to them in real-time, even if you are not at home. They work like a traditional doorbell and alert homeowners on their phones via an app where video surveillance and recordings can be found.

  • Go for Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are not only useful but could help to save some money in the long run, with some saving an average of 31% on your heating costs. Smart thermostats are easy to operate. These devices establish a schedule for the home’s temperature according to when you and your family will need it. The product can tell you how much energy you are using and how much money this costs you, so it is easy to keep an eye on the output of your home. 

On top of your cost monitoring, the product detects when you and your family are home, so if you forget to turn off the heating, have no fear, your smart thermostat has your back.

  • Install Smart Plugs

Setting up a smart home on a budget is easily done, and all you need are smart plugs. They can turn your regular appliances into smart devices without completely re-wiring your home or buying brand new appliances. 

This is a far less expensive way of starting the transition to the new age of living. You can then also connect your smart plug to your smart speaker so that you can control your appliances with voice commands.

2016: Megan Fox Toluca Lake Contemporary Ranch Home

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green recently upgraded from their home in Los Feliz to a slightly larger abode in Toluca Lake. The switch is not much of a surprise, as the couple welcomed their second bundle of joy back in February. While their new property offers a bit more space, it also comes with quite the pedigree: The contemporary ranch once belonged to American singer and actor Bing Crosby.

Their Toluca Lake home features include a main living area which is incredibly spacious with a gorgeous, exposed beam ceiling and quartz slate flooring. There is also a stunning formal dining area with Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, a library with space enough for a sizable book collection, and a recreation room perfect for indoor activity! This fabulous abode also has some amazing backyard amenities, including a saline pool, Jacuzzi, and a fire pit! The gated home offers just the right amount of seclusion for the high-profile couple: It is situated down a curving driveway lined with plenty of trees, far from prying eyes and paparazzi lenses.

If you want to transform your space into a contemporary ranch ala, Megan Fox, here are the interior design tips for doing so!

Contemporary Ranch Interior Design Style

It is no secret that ranch-style homes have been the top choice for decades in the United States. The Modern farmhouse and mid-century modern ranch homes rank as the top home styles for most Americans, and this is because they are simple, cozy, and not too busy. 

Aesthetically, modern ranch homes have a lot to offer, from vertical lines, open floor plans, and various architectural designs that have highly inspired most American home styles. Modern ranch homes also boast practical features such as concrete exteriors, efficient heating systems, and low-maintenance exteriors. However, what is less well-known is what a modern ranch home looks like on the inside. 

  • Open Plan Living

With the open-plan feature, there is plenty of space for you to move around freely, which even makes your life much easier. You do not have to go through the kitchen to get into the living room, and you do not have to go through the living room to get into the kitchen. You can do both by walking around, which makes this home ideal for those who like balanced interactions with their family, as there is no need for small rooms and hallways.

  • Wood and Natural Light

Both wood and natural light are important for modern ranch-style homes. The wood is usually modern, and the light is natural. Wood gives this style its warm touch and creates ambiance, and it can be found everywhere, from the floors to the walls. For example, there are wooden floors underneath the stairs and everything else, making this type of flooring utterly unique and very chic. You can take inspiration with this Sarreid Ranch Hand Box On Stand.

  • Contemporary Furniture and Small Accents

Most of the modern ranch home furniture has a contemporary look and can be low-backed or high-backed. Besides that, there are also small accents that make them unique and different from others. For example, round or square tables with individual chairs are everywhere. This VIG Furniture Modrest Dena Contemporary Black Glass Round Coffee Table is great contemporary furniture you can put in your living room.

In addition, some textures can be found in the loft and the floors and some modern accessories like lamps and wall lights, which can also create a beautiful vibe for the modern style.

  • Colorful Accents and Textures

The rooms all have different colors and textures, which add to the overall beauty of modern ranch interior design ideas. The living room usually has an earthy and vintage look, while the kitchen is always light, thanks to its wood accents. The bedrooms are bright and colorful but tend to have a wood or stone accent. You can use this Soho Concept Rebecca Wood Turquoise for your bedroom! You can find many stones and wood in the bathroom, which creates a perfect combination of rustic and contemporary elements.

2021: Megan Fox Sherman Oaks Rental

Celeb couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are renting a $30,000 a month Sherman Oaks home, a property that was completed in April. The actress and the rapper took residence last month in an off-market deal. 

The home spans 5,300 square feet with five bedrooms and five bathrooms on a tight suburban lot in the neighborhood. According to the report, the amazing features of their Sherman Oaks rental include a double-height entrance, chef’s kitchen, and a two-car garage. The main suite has its terrace overlooking the backyard, which packs in a patio, lawn, half-court basketball court, and a swimming pool.


Megan Fox’s luxury homes prove to be as interesting as her personality and mindset. Starting with her Mediterranean-inspired home in Los Angeles, to her modern ranch, and finally, her Sherman Oaks rental – we wonder where she will be next five years!

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