Lorde: Eccentric Interior Design Inspiration

Lorde: Eccentric Interior Design Inspiration

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Lorde, born as Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, hails from New Zealand and is known for her prowess when writing gut-wrenching lyrics and turning them into a beautiful song with a rich melody that has a tad bit of an eccentric vibe.

Taking inspiration from aristocracy for her stage name, she employs unconventional musical styles and introspective songwriting. Lorde's music is primarily electropop and contains elements of subgenres such as dream pop and indie-electro.

Her first hit entitled “Royals” gained international fame and recognition, and from there, Lorde’s musical career skyrocketed. Her debut studio album Pure Heroine was released that same year to critical and commercial success. The following year, Lorde curated the soundtrack for the first part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and recorded several tracks, including the hit single "Yellow Flicker Beat." Her second studio album, Melodrama, released in 2017, received widespread critical acclaim and debuted atop the US Billboard 200.

Lorde's accolades include two Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards, and a Golden Globe nomination. She appeared in Time's list of the most influential teenagers in 2013 and 2014 and the 2014 edition of Forbes 30 Under 30. In addition to her solo work, she has co-written songs for other artists, including Broods and Bleachers. As of June 2017, Lorde has sold over five million albums worldwide. With almost a three-year hiatus, Lorde announced in June 2021 that she would be releasing her new album where one of the teased singles is entitled “Solar Forever.” I am sure that you are just as excited as we are for Lorde’s comeback to the music industry. But while waiting for Lorde to drop her hit single, let us look at the unique style of Lorde and how it translates into your home! The bonus content also includes a sneak peek at Lorde’s $ 2.8 million New Zealand luxury home.

Lorde as a Gothic Style Icon

During the first years of Lorde in the music industry, you might remember her and her signature black lipstick. In addition, many of her clothes represent a gothic-inspired look with fishnets, black clothing, and a purposely disheveled appearance. If you want to translate her gothic style to your home, here are the gothic-inspired interior design home characteristics.

The origins of classic Gothic interior design date back to the Middle Ages when ecclesiastical influences, especially Christian cathedrals, dominated architectural styles. This important design movement has resurfaced over the years in several forms, such as during the Victorian era and the end of the last century with the Goth subculture.

Even though the Gothic interior design style can be perceived as traditional or old-school, this interior design style is still used to build modern homes and decorate interior spaces. This style surely adds an aura of mystery and opulence to any home. The most important elements include architectural features like pointed arches, fireplaces, stained glass, and wooden ceiling beams. Floors in a Gothic home are typically a hard surface like stone, tile, or dark stained hardwood. Add some cushy rugs in deep tones for a cozier feel in your castle-like retreat. Here are other tips you can do transform your space with a Gothic-inspired interior design style:

  • Gothic Furniture

Gothic Victorian furniture was made of heavy, sturdy oak and adorned with period designs. The chairs, headboards, and cabinetry abounded with arches, legs with spiral turns, and upholstery of heavy fabrics made of dark, majestic colors. If you are inspired by Gothic design, consider retired pieces from an old church, including pews, benches, altar chairs, or trestle tables. Take inspiration with this Baxton Studio Flax Victorian Style Contemporary Black Velvet Fabric Upholstered Vanity Accent Chair.


  • Gothic Color

With majestic architecture and heavy furniture, the Gothic style lends itself to rich and dark colors. The Gothic Victorian house had somber hues of purple, ruby, black, ochre, forest green, and gold. A great example is this Cyan Design Large Ruby Etched Vase for your living room.

  • Dramatic Elegance

Do not be afraid of being dramatic in your Gothic interior but keep it elegant. This is not a design for the timid or understated. When creating a gothic home, drape those high-end fabrics. Use heavy, carved wooden furniture with ornate curved features. Design your Gothic living room with lots of decorative details.  Your goth bedroom will be decadent, luxurious, and highly sensual. You can invest in this Benzara Traditional Style Wooden Dresser With Carved Feet in Cherry Brown that surely adds drama and opulence to any room.

  • Gothic-inspired Fabrics

Again, you should choose bold and dramatic yet elegant materials for your modern Gothic room. To achieve a Gothic style, go for silk, satin, and velvet fabrics with rich and bold colors, patterns, and textures. Velvet is a nice touch for curtains or modern gothic furniture coverings. Satin works well for drapes, bedding, and pillows. Think glamour and decadence when selecting fabric for your Gothic home décor. A great example is this Safavieh Reynolds Velvet Bench in Black and Brass.

  • Accessorize the Gothic Way!

Victorian Gothic homes contained many ornately styled decorations. You will want to select display pieces with heavy wrought iron, metal, wooden, or stone features. Some good examples include pottery dishes, wooden, carved sconces, and lamps made of wrought iron.  Add art to your home by searching for gothic paintings. Take inspiration with this Elk Lighting San Sebastian 2-Light Sconce In Spanish Antiquewood And Dark Bronze.

Lorde with her Eccentric Indie-Pop Music

Lorde’s musical style is made of a unique eccentric style that mixes indie and pop music. Lorde always delivers when it comes to writing powerful lyrics that put reality right smack in your face with no way of denying what is in front of you. Did you know that you can take her eccentric musical style and transform it in your space? You can use these eclectic design inspirations for your space.

Unlike some styles, which adhere to a strict set of rules and trends, the eclectic look does not have as many requirements. Instead, it is characterized by variety and unpredictability. In addition, the eclectic style involves incorporating pieces from different periods and styles.

Though the word “eclectic” has been around for a long time, it has only recently become associated with an approach to decorating. Eclectic-style decor started in the late 19th or early 20th century when architectural pioneers prided themselves on the fact that they did not adhere to any particular style, then set about doing their own thing.

However, their work was so successful that their plan appears to have backfired, and these trendsetters birthed what became known as the eclectic style of decorating. Eventually, eclecticism morphed from an architectural style to a home decor theme.

Here are interior design tips you can use for your eclectic interior design style.

  • Go wild with colors

Having a non-unified color scheme is the best way to create cohesion when combining many different styles, elements, textures, and pieces of furniture. Ensure that you have a signature color and an accent color when designing your space with an eclectic style.

  • Personalize your Space

Most people opt for an eclectic style so that they can showcase their favorite collections and mementos. Displaying personal items with sentimental value is the best way to make your home feel like home. In addition, nothing lets your personality shine more than handcrafted pieces that you cannot get at any department store. However, it would be best to be selective with these mementos and only display truly special items that showcase your interests, travels, or artwork.

  • Be thoughtful

Many people mistake eclectic decor for a free-for-all where you throw anything and everything together. On the contrary, because eclectic decor can be challenging to pull off, it is more important to be selective and carefully curate everything you put together! In addition, eclectic decor should be thoughtfully edited so that pieces do not clash. When you are intentional with your design, you can create a one-of-a-kind space that remains cohesive.

  • Have a focal point

One of the best guiding principles with eclectic decor is always having a focal point or statement piece. You want to draw the eyes to this focal point, with everything else acting as supportive pieces. Your focal point should be an eye-catching element like an accent wall, a fireplace, or a bold piece of artwork. Having something that you can focus your attention on brings a sense of comfort and harmony.

  • Use Different textures

Mixing textures is a great way to create an eclectic style because mixing textures tend to be easier than mixing colors or patterns. For example, mix wooden furniture with metal hardware, upholstered items with hard pieces, throw in shaggy pillows, and plush rugs. You can use this ComsoLiving Cleo Transitional 100% Polyester Ombre Print Shaggy Fur Pillow in Blush.

  • Go with Layering. Lots of Layering

Knowing how to layer pieces is a huge part of eclectic decor. Eclectic decor is all about combining different elements, textures, patterns, and colors. Therefore, there should be a good mix of bold and subtle pieces.

  • Do not Overdecorate

One of the biggest pitfalls of eclectic decorating is overdecorating. Overdoing a space will result in visual chaos. Of course, you want to avoid clutter and throw away pieces. However, do not underestimate the importance of negative spaces that let the eyes rest and keep a space from looking too busy and distracting.

  • Create Balance

A good rule that many interior designers live by is balance, not symmetry. So how do you create balance? Make sure everything is scaled nicely, keep in mind placement and layout, maximize flow in the room, incorporate neutral finishes and understated elements, and be consistent with colors and textures.

  • Go for the Unexpected

Eclectic decor is the perfect opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and push the boundaries on all interior design “rules” you thought you knew. One of the most important rules of eclectic decor is for you to have fun!

Lorde’s Mid-Century New Zealand Home 

In 2016, Lorde purchased a $2.8 million luxury home in Auckland, New Zealand. Her Auckland home boasts a four-bedroom 182sq m property, only slightly larger than the average New Zealand home. The tidy villa, built-in 1900 and on a 447sq m section, has a heated swimming pool and a rateable value of $1.9 million. Even though Lorde’s fashion style is gothic, and her musical style is more eclectic, the singer-songwriter continues to surprise her fans by purchasing a mid-century home! If you want to transform your space with this interior design aesthetic, you can use the tips below.

Mid-century modern design rose to popularity during the 1930s and 40s but never quite went out of style. Today the term mid-century modern is more ubiquitous than ever and pairs well with vintage and modern homes alike. Defined by organic shapes, minimal decor, and a focus on functionality, this interior design style is undeniably timeless and relatively simple to transform your space.

  • Use organic and Geometric shapes

The mid-century modern style focuses on clean lines with a mix of both organic and geometric shapes. Simplicity rules and some of the most basic mid-century modern living room pieces like coffee tables and chairs are often the most beautiful. Mid-century modern furniture is generally easy to spot, but looking for new pieces, go for simple designs with minimal elaboration. Take, for example, this Madison Park Taylor Mid-Century Mid-Century Accent Chair that will look good in your mid-century-inspired living room.

  • Choose function over form

While furniture pieces of this style are undeniably beautiful in their simplicity, mid-century modern design is all about functionality. Generally minimal in looks, no piece is without its purpose. This attention to functionality also explains why vintage pieces from this era are still circulating today.

  • Go for minimal ornamentation

The mid-century modern style is one without clutter or superfluous ornamentation. Statement pieces like large sculptures or plants are more common. Mid-century modern living rooms focus on the simple basics, for example, with just a few pieces to complete the look. In line with functionality, avoid clutter or items that you do not use or admire.

  • Employ Contradicting Materials and textures

Though wood and wood veneer are typical elements of mid-century modern style, interior designers did a fair amount of experimentation with other materials that were new to the era, like plastic, Formica, and acrylic. As such, do not be afraid to mix and match organic and synthetic materials to create a mid-century modern look.

  • Go for a Neutral Color Palette

Neutrals never go out of style, and such is the case in this type of interior design. Traditionally, the midcentury palette ranged from bright hues in the 1950s to warmer earthy tones in the 1960s, leaving much room for flexibility. For a modern touch, use neutral tones with occasional splashes of color, like a bright accent chair. Take inspiration with this Benzara Resin and Wooden Frame Accent Chair in Gold and White.

  • Bring Nature Indoors!

Big, flat-paneled windows and homes integrated with their surroundings are common in mid-century modern design. Bringing natural elements indoors, from the raw materials of the pieces to living house plants as decor, is a great way to emulate this timeless look.

Eccentric Facts about Lorde

Like an onion, Lorde has many layers. At the young age of sixteen, she has been a force to be reckoned with as an international pop star. If you want to know more about this singer-songwriter, here are interesting and eccentric facts about Lorde.

  • Origins of Lorde

When Lorde was thinking about her stage name, she thought that “Lord” was a tad bit too masculine. So she decided to put an e at the end to make it a bit more feminine. Her stage name also has nothing to do with religion.

  • Early Origins

She was just 12 when she sang a cover of Welsh singer Duffy’s “Warwick Avenue” for her school’s talent show in 2009. A videotape of the performance made its way to an A&R rep, which led to a development deal with the mighty Universal Music Group.

  • The Love Club E.P.

She was 15 when she went into the studio to record her first offering, “The Love Club EP.” It was initially released for free on SoundCloud in November 2012 and was quickly downloaded some 60,000 times. Then Universal woke up, realized there was money to be made, and commercially released the EP a few months later.

  • Royals

The EP featured five songs, including one that you are undoubtedly familiar with — “Royals.” The tune became a massive hit, selling more than 10 million copies and earning Grammy Awards for best pop solo performance and song of 2014.

  • Girl Power

Male artists have dominated the top of Billboard’s Alternative Songs charts for decades. Yet, Lorde finally broke through with “Royals” and scored the first woman’s No. 1 on the chart since Tracy Bonham’s “Mother Mother” in 1996.


Lorde has beaten all odds with her honest lyrics and powerful voice. She speaks the truth about the harsh reality that people probably do not want to face. Through her music, she has touched many lives. Being such an inspiration, it is refreshing to see her unique and mysterious perspective on her fashion style, musical style, and even her mid-century home! Fans of Lorde rejoice because this article outlines how you can infuse her design elements in your home.

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