Justin Bieber Mansion Design Inspiration

Justin Bieber Mansion Design Inspiration

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Justin Bieber rose to fame back when he was just thirteen years old! He was discovered by American record executive Scooter Braun and signed with RBMG Records in 2008, gaining recognition with the release of his debut EP My World the year after and soon establishing himself as a teen idol.

Justin’s debut album entitled My World debuted atop the Billboard 200, making him the youngest solo male act to top the chart in 47 years. The album also contained the internationally successful single "Baby," which became the highest certificated single of all time in the US. 

Under the Mistletoe, his second album was the first Christmas album by a male artist to debut at number one on the Billboard 200, while his third album, Believe, saw experimentation with dance-pop and mature themes.

Following Believe, Bieber's public image went through a drastic change through various controversies and legal issues during 2013 and 2014, leading to Rolling Stone dubbing him "Bad Boy" in their March 2014 issue. 

However, starting in 2016, he has been setting his priorities on repairing his public image by taking responsibility for his past wrongdoings and focusing on his mental health. In February 2016, GQ released an article about Bieber's commitment to "reintroduce" himself. From then on, Justin Bieber is a constant in the Billboard Hit charts. He also recently married Hailey Baldwin, and the couple welcomed a baby girl – Iris Elle Bieber, last August 17, 2020. 

Justin Bieber is living his best life. With many musical achievements under his belt, you know that he is doing well on all fronts of his life. A testament to Justin’s success is the plethora of mansions he rented and owned at the start of his career. If you are curious about the different mansions that Justin had, continue reading the article below! The bonus content includes the design inspiration of each luxury home so you can transform your space similarly.

Justin Bieber’s $100k-A-Month Spanish-Style Home in Toluca Lake, California

Shortly after first saying “I do” in a New York City courthouse in September of 2018, Justin and Hailey Bieber were paying $100,000 a month to rent a Spanish-style home in Toluca Lake in Sunny, California. The Spanish-style home was rebuilt entirely, resulting in a 7,000-square-foot dwelling that boasts five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The Spanish Style luxury home includes a six-car garage, a private dock, and a personal gym, spa, and pool. This space is not exactly your average starter home!

If you want to transform your space into Justin Bieber’s Spanish-style home, here are ten tips for you to incorporate into your home.

  • Decorative Wrought Iron

One of the most prominent features of a Spanish-style home is wrought iron throughout the home. The dramatic swerves and curves of wrought iron are a statement piece in any Spanish-style home. You can take inspiration with this Benzara Wrought Iron Metal Wall Plaque WithDecorative Scroll in Black.

Justin Bieber

  • Wooden Ceiling Beams

Wooden ceiling beams add a warm rustic appeal to any space, especially the living room. There is something romantic when it comes to installing wooden ceiling beams in your space.

  • Hand-painted Tiles

The Spanish culture is rich with rich colors like deep reds,  browns, and even forest green. You can see these colors in the Spanish fabrics and hand-painted tiles. You can use these tiles to accentuate your staircase, kitchen, or bathroom!

  • Built-in Alcoves

The Spanish interior design style is all about being romantic and cozy. What is cozier for your space than a reading nook? You can find a corner in your home and bedroom to transform into a cozy nook. You can use this Safavieh Cozy Knit Throw for this space.

  • Arches

Arches add a dramatic look to any Spanish-style home. You can use arches when it comes to doors or even windows. You can even add a touch of arch home accents to your home like this Elk Home M-Arched Acanthus.

  • Stucco Walls

Stucco is a construction material made of aggregates, a binder, and water. It is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings, exterior walls, and sculptural and artistic material in architecture. You can take inspiration with this Vig Furniture Nova Domus Rado Modern Walnut & Stucco Mirror.

  • Terracotta Tile

Terracotta translates from Italian as "baked earth," and as a ceramic tile category, it refers to tiles created from a particularly porous and easily shaped clay with a high iron content that gives the tiles their characteristic reddish or brown color. This is a signature when it comes to Spanish-style homes. 

  • Cut Steel Work

Cut Steelwork is another prominent feature of Spanish-style homes. They add personality and flair to your home. You can use them as pendant lights or home accents for your living room.

  • Dark Wood

To add a dramatic flair to your home, you can use dark wood for your furnishings. A great example of a home accent that uses dark wood is this Baxton Studio Doniea Dark Brown Wood Frame Modern Mirror.

  • Rich Fabrics

Spain is known to be a country that is rich in colorful fabrics. If you want to add a Spanish touch to your home, you can always invest in rich and colorful fabric. You can use these fabrics as a throw blanket. 

$8.5 Million Mansion in Beverly Hills, California

After purchasing a Beverly Hills mansion for $8.5 million back in 2019, the Biebers sold the property last month for $7.955 million. To sell the home, the famous couple enlisted the help of three real estate agents Josh and Matt Altman and Dalton Gomez (who is married to Ariana Grande!). This abode is one of the most-liked celebrity homes on Instagram, bringing in over 1 million likes on Justin’s post of the home’s wine cellar. If you plan to build and design your wine cellar, here are the elements you must consider.

  • It Is All About Temperature Control

If you are storing wine for any length of time, you want to control temperature and humidity to protect your wine until you open it. The ideal environment for long-term wine storage is protected from light, with a temperature from 55° to 58° F and enough humidity (50 to 70%) to keep corks from drying out.

If you do not have access to an underground wine lair (or a basement with a steady temperature), experts recommend investing in a wine fridge or a temperature-controlled wine cellar, depending on the size of your collection.

  • Consider Your Wine Collection

Size matters when it comes to wine storage. You should invest in enough space to house a growing collection versus maxing out wine racks instantly. Wine experts suggest that you leave room for about 25 to 30% growth. 

This means that if you have a couple of cases on hand, plan to store at least an additional half case. If you already have a hundred bottles, leave room for another 50 to 100 additional bottles. Also, think about the bottle formats in your collection. If you invest in large format bottles, make sure to use a universal racking system that will accommodate them.

  • Size Up Your Space

If you have a lot of space and a big wine collection, you might consider the ultimate luxury of a fully dedicated custom wine room. But you do not need a 5,000 square foot home to invest in wine storage. 

There are two simple ways to deal with small spaces in a wine cellar. The first is to build wine storage into your existing cabinetry. The second is to invest in a piece that can double as furniture. A great example is this Benzara Well Designed Elegant Wine Bar With Wine Racks in Brown.

  • Decide What Wine Storage Is Best For You

If you are renting or living in a house that you know is not your “forever” home, going with a stand-alone piece means that you can take your wine cellar with you when you move. 

On the other hand, built-in wine storage, whether it is a wine fridge, wine cellar, or custom wine room, is an investment with a good return that can set you apart from other properties when it is time to sell.

  • Express Yourself!

Making the upfront investment in a wine cellar that suits your style and fits seamlessly into your home means you will keep it for much longer than one you do not love or that is not quite “you.” Whether you are matching finishes to existing cabinetry or creating a stunning piece of furniture that doubles as wine storage, consider whether you want a modern, rustic, decorative, or industrial look. The sky's the limit, and these are the details that will set your cellar apart.

  • Create Your Story

For something truly unique, consider using materials that matter to you. There are many materials you can choose from. Wood is always a great choice when it comes to storing your wine. 

A $5 Million Lakeside Mansion in Ontario, Canada

The Biebers have spent much of the pandemic living in their $5 million lakeside mansions in Ontario. This Lakeside boasts four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a stunning two-story wine room that is temperature-controlled. 

The power couple purchased this luxury home in August of 2018, a month after they got married. This 9,000-square-foot property sits on 101 acres, and it comes with private access to an expansive lake, its movie theater, four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and numerous fireplaces.

If you want to live like the Biebers and have your theater room, here are ten tips to consider when building and designing your theater room.

  • Consider the Size of the Room

Before doing anything at all, it is important to choose which room you would like to convert into your home theater. Most of the time, TV is watched in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. However, these rooms have windows. Windows allow sunlight to seep into the room and dim the viewing experience. Glass windows reflect sound and light, which can affect your cinematic experience.

The basement is the best room to set up your home theater system since it has the ideal room size, can be rewired easily, has few or no windows, and the sound is unlikely to travel to the neighbor’s home.

  • Check the Height of the Ceiling

Typically, a high-ceiling room is excellent for your home theater room. Nevertheless, you can set up your theater in a room with a low ceiling, such as the basement. Just opt for a large LED or LCD TV over a screen and projector.

  • Invest in Soundproofing

Soundproofing means installing acoustic wall panels to block out the noise and carpeting the room from wall to wall to kick back and enjoy a disruption-free viewing of the latest comedy flick.

Good drywall is also a good way to soundproof your swanky new home theater. Add in some plush drapes, a nice long carpet, and you have got yourself the perfect home-based cinema.

  • Consider the Screen Distance

No amount of palatial furnishings will enrich your viewing experience, like setting up the TV at an ideal distance from your seating area. If your plasma is too close, you will begin to see the pixels on the screen. If it is too far, you might squint your eyes and miss out on the finer picture details in the movie. 

The thumb rule is that screen distance should be 1.5 to 2 times the diagonal width of the screen. So, if you have a 48-inch LED HD TV, you should ideally place the seating area no more than 8 feet or 96 inches from the screen.

The screen distance can also be used the other way around. You can take measurements of the length of your room and calculate the size of the TV you need to purchase.

  • Choose Comfortable Seats

One of the best parts of watching a movie on a large screen is not just taking in the magnificent performance of the actors on a massive display. It sees motion pictures come to life on a lavish, cozy, and slightly oversized recliner. 

Investing in a three, six, or nine-seater recliner with metallic cup holders and storage space for magazines will do wonders in refining the 360-degree viewing experience. Take inspiration with this Benzara Modern Theater Seating Push-Back Recliner in Black.

  • Invest in Lights

As stated earlier, glass is a big no-no because it reflects, rather than absorbs, sound and light. You may be tempted to flaunt fancy art framed in glass. Do not do that. The dialogues will tend to echo.

If you do have windows, it is a good idea to black them out completely. Of course, you could use curtains and drapes to block sunlight, but you will have to close and open them all the time. Blacking out the windows is a better long-term solution. You can use this Madison Park Laurel Transitional Faux Silk Shower Curtain in Black.

A $25.8 Million Mansion, Beverly Hills, California

Last August 2020, Justin Bieber and his wife made their biggest real estate investment yet. They have invested in a $25.8 million mansion in Beverly Hills. The 11,145square-foot abode includes seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, and it sits on 2.5 acres. 

According to People, although the property was originally listed for $27.25 million, the Biebers got it for $1.45 million less. Once again, Josh and Matt Altman represented Justin and Hailey in the sale. 

This mansion is not the only star-studded house in town. Hollywood stars Eddie Murphy, and Sylvester Stallone live in the same neighborhood. Some of the home’s most impressive amenities include an infinity pool and accompanying jacuzzi, a tennis court, gym, library, and movie room.

If you want to design your home gym, you can do so in these easy steps.

  1. Pick the Biggest Room you can Find

Health and fitness experts say that cramped rooms will cramp your motivation to work out. Find the biggest space in your home and transform it into your home gym as much as possible. A good rule to follow as well as not to include any shelves in your home gym. Make it as spacious as possible.

  1. Paint it Bright White

According to color psychology, you can paint your home gym’s walls white to motivate you during a workout continually. Painting your space white makes it clean and clear. 

  1. Light it Right

A well-lit gym is a must if you want to be motivated during your workout. You can invest in this Safavieh Molly Pendant Adjustable 3 Light 16" Chrome Cream Satin Polyester Iron Fabric Acrylic for your home gym.

  1. Add a Full-Length Mirror

You can also add full-length mirrors to your home gym space. This will allow you to see your posture and form when working out.

  1. Bring in a Portable Sound System

Nothing beats bopping to the moves of pop music while doing a workout or cardio routines. Ensure that you bring in a portable sound system so you can enjoy the music while working out.


Justin Bieber is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to pop music. He brings with him a wealth of experience when it comes to belting out pop hits. His hard work paid off when you see the four mansions above. Hopefully, the design inspiration above helps you transform your space and live your best life.

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