Coastal Interior Design Style: Timeless Guide

Coastal Interior Design Style: Timeless Guide

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Seaside elements and colors define the coastal interior design style. Many materials define the coastal interior design style. This includes sand, driftwood, rope, shells, and the light reflecting off the water to create a soothing ambiance. You can incorporate those traits in a way that is clean and simple. The goal is to incorporate that sun-kissed breeze, that sense of relaxation indoors without the mess of sand.

So, what exactly are the characteristics of the coastal interior design style? In terms of the design aesthetic, the coast is all about open spaces and natural light, just like the beach. Rooms should be soothing with pleasing lines and textures. This means that you should embrace open spaces, keeping rooms uncluttered for a sense of calm. Next, you should bring in as much natural light as possible. Opt for minimal window treatments when it comes to blinds and drapes. It would be best to also aim for a mixture of clean lines and colors with some seaside accents throughout. Lastly, keep in mind that moderation is everything. This style should look soothing and effortless, but it is easy to get carried away.

The colors usually associated with this décor are various blue, green, beige, white, and coral colors. Since these colors are found in nature by the sea, they all work together. You can take inspiration with this Safavieh Lauren Pillow Coastal 22" Seafoam And Green Linen Cotton Hidden Zipper Feather - Set Of 2.

Coastal Interior Design Style

Remember that the main colors should be white or lighter tones reminiscent of sand. Think warm khaki colors, light beiges, and warm grays. For accent colors, you can throw in more playful hues from the ocean. Aqua, seafoam, deep-sea blue, or coral colors all go well in this aesthetic. You are also encouraged to layer in other shades of sand to add more dimension and lines to the room.

In terms of home décor, the coastal interior design style is simple and raw, with open spaces balanced with elegance. Add natural elements such as raw wood and include linen textures to bring about a warm feeling one has while on the coast. Here are some tips you can incorporate into your coastal-inspired home:

  • Glass elevates the coastal look with options like lamps, tables, jars, or mirrors.

  • Driftwood (or distressed wood), seashells, or rope are perfect accents in small amounts for furniture, lighting, or décor. A great example is this Chelsea House Shell Bookends in Antique Gold Leaf

  • Textures such as jute, seagrass, straw, or woven textiles are great for rugs. You can take inspiration with this Zentique Jute Net Light

  • Add a variety of soft pillows or throws in your accent color for extra comfort and visual styling.

  • Billowy, breezy fabrics or fabrics with texture add an extra layer of dimension.

Benefits of Having a Coastal Interior Design Style

Many individuals are transitioning to having a coastal interior design style for their homes. You may be wondering why. Here are the benefits of having a coastal interior design style for your home!

  • You get to Enjoy Beautiful Wall Art

Some paintings fall into the category of nautical decor. As long as art shows a boat or ocean scene, it can be used as nautical decor. Since most of us love an ocean view and picturesque scenes where small white sailboats ply the waves of a gorgeous blue sea, such paintings are popular and usually painted with lovely details and care. They make a wonderful addition to a room that features other types of nautical decor and can also be used on their own in the bathroom, bedroom, or any place that would benefit from this type of pleasant decor. A great example is this Madison Park Water Tide Coastal Gallery Arts.

  • A Relaxing Look

As can be expected from scenes that show a beautiful coastline or other places and situations that remind us of a vacation, nautical decor tends to lend a peaceful atmosphere to the room. This is why such decor works especially well in restaurants, hotels, bedrooms, or other places meant for relaxation.

  • Works well with Little Décor

Since nautical-themed decor is so easy-going, it works well in a wide variety of situations. This includes situations where we have a room that only needs one or two decorations, but does not want to display anything outrageous, an office that could use another painting or statue, or a bare hallway.

Coastal Interior Design Style for the Living Room

If you want to achieve a coastal interior design style for your living room, here are practical tips on transforming your living room with nautical themes!

  • Coastal Interior Design Style is all about Layers

Coastal interiors are not all about blue stripes and miniature ships in bottles. You can create all the beach house interiors by layering up lots of different fabrics and materials. Rugs, cushions, baskets, wall hangings can all be incorporated into your current space to create that relaxed, laid-back feel that the coastal look is all about. You can take inspiration with this Zentique Woven Basket Zenws as a home decor for your living room.

  • Add a Blue Hue

You can combine the traditional seaside look and the more contemporary, rustic beach house look by keeping with the whole mix of materials and adding a few blue hints. A great example is this Wildwood Blue Lobster Bowl as a home accent for your living room space. 

  • Go for Simple Lines and Maximum Comfort

Keep things simple and classic with clean lines and a blue and white color palette. This is a more grown-up take on seaside style: the whitewashed walls and a pale floor work perfectly with the deep blue sofa and light grey cushions. Add in some wooden accents to stop the look from becoming too matchy and a few stylish coastal accessories to bring the look together.

  • Invest in a Striped Sofa

If your love of coastal interiors goes beyond a few anchors printed on cushions and a shell wall hanging, think about investing in a classic striped sofa as the focal point of your living room. You can take inspiration with this Zentique Louis Sofa for a subtle striped sofa for your coastal interior design style living room. 

  • Go for Upcycled Furniture

If you want to bring some coastal interiors into your home but do not want to fork out new furniture, try upcycling some of your existing pieces. The whitewashed, shabby chic look is key in coastal interiors like this Benzara Distressed White Clock. Once you are happy with the result, complete the look by adding a few nautically inspired accessories.

  • Pick Pretty Pastels for your Walls

A quick and easy way to get a lovely, light, beach house look is to use paint. Give your walls a lick of a new coastal color to instantly transform it into a room that feels like it belongs by the sea. We love this lovely duck egg blue; it works so nicely with creams and wooden accents.

  • Match Subtle Colors with wood

If the more traditional blue and nautical stripes are not quite your thing but you love the light, airy feel of coastal interiors, a simple neutral palette can be just as effective at evoking that holiday feel. Layer up different weathered coastal colors and add natural materials for plenty of texture and interest. When adding accessories, arrange them in small groups, keeping with the whole informal look in a haphazard way.

  • Go for a Coastal-inspired Hallway

A subtle beach house interior is perfect for a hallway because it brings with it all the hallway must-haves: a soft, pale wall color that reflects light, bags of natural materials to make it feel welcoming, practical surfaces (like wooden or stone flooring), and cute, but uncluttered accessories.

  • Create an Outdoor Living Room

You could take it even further and set up an outdoor living room. This concept of creating an entirely new living room in your garden has been really popular over the last few summers, and they do look particularly gorgeous. You can get garden furniture that's as nice as actual living room furniture and put your coastal spin to it.

Coastal Interior Design Style for the Bedroom

  • Go for Nautical Beddings

Moving on from how to get the coastal look into your living room to how you can incorporate it in your bedroom, we reckon the easiest way to bring any trend into a bedroom is with bedding because it is quick to do, and it is (relatively) cheap. For coastal interiors, the obvious choice to go for is stripes, but you can also choose beddings in sea-inspired colors – think calming blues, crisp whites, and sandy beige. A great example is this Safavieh Sally Pillow in Navy blue stripes.

  • Go for a Calm Blue Wallpaper for a Bold Statement

It is amazing how simply adding wallpaper to an accent wall can spice up a room with pattern and texture. Rather than just a plain flat surface, adding a calm blue wallpaper truly brings out the natural feelings of a cool comfort coastline. 

If you are going for this bold statement, ensure that you choose wooden furniture, bed frame, and white bedding to keep things simple and allow the wallpaper to be the star of the show. You can also add layers to your beachy oasis with accents like a textured rug, decorative tassel and pom pom throw pillows, and a frayed blue throw blanket to complete the look. 

  • Ocean Tones for a Minimalist Vibe

Design your bedroom as a cozy getaway that makes you feel like you are steps from the beach. Coastal artwork and blue hues are the perfect way to achieve that oceanic feel. The sea-inspired artwork above the bed draws your attention and sets the theme of the room. Add in a pop of blue with a throw pillow, textured blanket, and rug for a soothing effect that mimics the water.

  • Neutral Tones with Seashell Inspiration

Go for a lovely coastal bedroom design that provides simple comfort. The casual yet comfortable décor will make you feel like you are staying at a seaside resort. You can utilize a set of seashells framed in black and put them above the bed to offer a simple, minimalist look. You can also go for white bedding with subtle starfish detailed pillow coverings to provide an airier feel. 

  • Add a Pop of Color to Brighten the Coastal Feel

Create a relaxing paradise in your bedroom with a pop of pastel blue and simple accents. With bright pops of color, it is important to keep the bedding simple. Having white bedding creates a light and airy feel with a touch of texture. You can also add a carved wooden mirror frame that gives your space a feminine feel and gives off a coral reef feel in this coastal bedroom. 

A coastal interior design style bedroom makeover does not mean you have to replace all your furniture either. You can add a coat of fresh paint, and you will be surprised at how easily you can completely transform your existing furniture. You can also add a carved wooden mirror frame that can give your space a feminine feel and give off a coral reef feel for your coastal bedroom.

  • Add Beachside Treasures

There is a reason you have been saving all those sandy treasures from your beach vacations and travels. With a coastal bedroom theme, you can now add in all those precious finds and collections throughout your home decoration. A corner shelf, dresser, or nightstand serve as the perfect place to display your memorable pieces. This sophisticated refuge primarily features earth tones with a simple pop of blue using a throw blanket. You can also use seashells, starfish, sand jars, and messages in a bottle displayed on the shelf are the perfect accessories to make this space feel like a beachy retreat.

  • Distressed Wood meets Sandy Shores

A coastal-inspired bedroom should boast a rustic charm while still maintaining a natural coastal feel. You can use layers and textures in your space, especially in coastal décor, since a real beach offers many different things to touch and feel like sand, water, shells, and driftwood. You can also utilize raw distressed wood, the vintage shutters to the wooden desk, and woven basket, to give you the comfort, rustic charm every coastal getaway needs.

Coastal Interior Design Style for the Kitchen

  • Kitchen Coastal Display

You can bring some of that coastal style into your kitchen without having to whitewash the entire thing. If you have any glass-fronted or open cabinetry, you can use display glass jars, small wicker baskets, and nice pieces of crockery. Ramp up the seaside feel by adding some driftwood sculptures, rattan lanterns, and seagrass wall hangings. A great example is this Elk Home Large Fish Scale Basket In Natural.

  • Paint your Cabinets White

If you want to take a look even further, an all-white kitchen is a sure-fire way to add that airy, coastal feel to your space. You can lift the look with a wooden worktop as contrast and pick out kitchenware that has a touch of color to it.

  • Pick out Coastal Tableware

If you are after a quick, budget-friendly way to bring in a bit of that seaside charm, pick out a few pieces of tableware. You can choose a healthy mix of your obvious sea-inspired motifs (starfish, crabs, etc.) and non-maritime prints, too, to keep the look fresh and modern.   

Coastal Interior Design Style for the Bathroom

  • Bring Coastal to the Bathroom

Bathrooms are possibly one of the easiest rooms to incorporate the beach house interiors trend as the colors lend themselves so well to space. Just look to add a few key pieces – coastal style towels, classic motifs like fish and anchors, anything that is made of shells. Just do not go overboard. A porthole style mirror or some rope baskets for bathroom storage can be all it takes to add that relaxed, on-trend feel.

  • Counters and Vanities

The right countertop material can be a great focal point for a modern coastal bathroom remodeling job. The most common way to do this would be with wood counters and stone benchtops. Finish the look with a white sink and polished copper fixtures. Once you know the basic elements for a coastal bathroom, it is easy to mix and match different materials and finishes to achieve the look.

  • Bathroom Walls

Explore different ways of incorporating shiplap boards on your bathroom walls. One way to do it is to go full shiplap from the floor to the ceiling. However, a half-shiplap look combined with white walls can also be effective. Accent walls washed in sky blue tones are a great way to round out the style.

  • Bathroom Floor

You get a little more freedom when designing the floor of a coastal bathroom. Go for elaborate tilework in light colors to make the space look even bigger. You can also go for crisp white tiles for a clean feel. If you are a little more adventurous, try pebbled floors to mimic walking on the beach every time you step into your bathroom.

  • Bathroom Lights

You can talk to your bathroom remodeler about how to incorporate as much natural lighting into your bathroom as possible. Large circular windows are always a great option for coastal bathrooms, although bigger window sizes may be a privacy concern. Consider adding a skylight to help brighten up the room even more.


Having a coastal interior design style is perfect for individuals who love the beach and love the relaxing feeling that this interior design style emits. Hopefully, the practical tips above help you transform your space with a coastal interior design style!

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