Chrissy Teigen Beverly Hills Mansion Design Inspiration

Chrissy Teigen Beverly Hills Mansion Design Inspiration

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Christine Diane Teigen, better known by her screen name Chrissy Teigen, is an American model and television personality. She started as a briefcase model during the Deal or No Deal pilot episode in the United States. She made her professional modeling debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010 and later appeared on the 50th anniversary cover alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge in 2014. 

She formerly appeared as a panelist on the syndicated daytime talk show FAB Life from 2015 to 2016. She also co-hosts the musical competition series Lip Sync Battle with LL Cool J and serves as a judge on Bring the Funny's comedy competition. However, it would appear that Chrissy has it all because she is also passionate about cooking and has authored two cookbooks.

Aside from her widely successful career in Hollywood, Chrissy is also known to voice her opinion regarding politics and other important social issues. Chrissy identifies as a feminist and intends on raising her children as such. She also made donations to Planned Parenthood's nonprofit organization in 2015 following the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting and again in 2017. In addition, she and her husband donated $25,000 to March for Our Lives, a rally against gun violence in 2018. 

Chrissy is a vocal critic of former U.S. President Donald Trump. Chrissy and her husband endorsed Elizabeth Warren during the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries. In addition, the couple endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 United States presidential election.

Chrissy is such an accomplished woman in Hollywood who combines brains, beauty, and heart. She is dubbed as the Queen of Twitter, and you would expect a queen to have her castle. On that aspect, Chrissy does not disappoint. She and her husband John just listed their $17.95 million luxury Beverly Hills home recently as their growing family needs a bigger home.

This article outlines the amazing features of Chrissy Teagan’s home, including more tea on the Twitter Queen! So, if you want to transform your space and live for a day in the life of Chrissy Teagan, well, you are in luck! This article will also share design inspiration on how you can design your space to reflect the opulent home of Chrissy Teigen. 

All About Chrissy Teigen Luxury Beverly Hills Mansion

Chrissy Teigen’s luxury Beverly Hills mansion boasts a contemporary-style home valued at a whopping $ 17 million! Chrissy and John previously bought the home from music sensation Rihanna back in 2016. However, now that the five are growing, they want to move into a more family-friendly home in the Hills and have listed their opulent mansion from the original asking price of $24 million to $17 million. 

Built-in 1966 and decorated to the highest contemporary standards, the 8,520-square-foot home has seven bedrooms and eight baths. The entryway boasts a whopping 33-foot ceiling, a curving stairwell leading to a second-floor catwalk, and a peek at the family room where John kept his grand piano. Next, a large sunken living room with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall and views over the canyon.

Chrissy and John spent considerable time renovating their place to suit their luxurious lifestyle. One of the first things they did? They turned the color scheme from cool to warm if you want to know more about warm, cool, and neutral colors and how you can spruce up your home accordingly! 

  • Warm colors are stimulating

Warm colors are stimulating, and you should use these colors in social rooms. This includes the reds, oranges, yellows, and all the off-whites that tend to this direction possess all the qualities of warmth, in that they are hot and stimulating to our emotions, which crave warmth. 

This is the reason red is the most successful color in consumer society. Warm colors are therefore best in the social rooms of your house, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. They will stimulate and encourage warm, social behavior. You can use this Soho Concept Harput Wire Set: Harput Wire Dining Lounge Orange And One Harput Wire Sled Orange in your Dining Lounge area to warm things up!

  • Cool colors are calming 

Examples of colors of the cool side of the spectrum are cool browns, grays, and cool-off whites. These colors possess all of the qualities of coolness in their ability to calm your emotions and focus your thoughts. The cool colors are most popular in the business community and power. 

Therefore, cool colors are best in the rooms where concentration and calmness are most important and privacy is more of a concern, such as an office, nursery, and bathroom. You can take inspiration from this Wildwood Blue June vase which you can use to accentuate your home office.

  • Black and White Colors

Neutral colors, such as the colors black and white, when combined, create versatile neutral color schemes that are an ideal palette for any space's style. Neutrals are reliable for decorating, but they also play a critical role in providing visual relief, backdrops, and a calming atmosphere.

  • Color Combination

Interior decoration experts recommend the 80/20 rule. That is, 80% of the room space should be made up of neutral colors, and you can use 20% of the space to add a pop of color by using strong and bold colors.

Contemporary Design Elements

One of the key design elements of Chrissy’s opulent Beverly Hills mansion is its contemporary design. A contemporary design is a recent interior design concept that includes modern and chic-looking furniture with a sleek and sophisticated design. If you want to transform your space with this interior design element, here are the tips on how to do so.

  • Bring Light in your Interiors

When the Modern and Post-Modern design periods began to emerge in the 1920s to 1960s, there was a break from the traditional dark interiors with closed-off rooms and small windows. Instead, light and airy rooms replaced the small and dark ones, and these details you can adopt in your own home. 

Opt for choosing the right floor plan that lets in natural light through floor to glass windows, skylights, solar tubes, and use translucent glass for privacy areas. You can let in the light with this Homeroots Lilo Glass Antique Edison Light.

Chrissy Teigen

  • Go for Subtle Colors

Using neutral tones of gray, browns, blacks, and whites for flooring, furnishings, lighting fixtures, and textiles.  Contemporary colors leave the details of your furniture metal details to shine through or leave the ability for your imagination to get creative with textures and patterns. However, just because you use neutral color should not mean your interiors turn boring! Textural seagrass furniture, for example, is beautiful to the touch and the eye. Take inspiration with this Safavieh Flora Seagrass Table Lamp.

  • Use Natural Materials

Instead of natural materials being reserved to just wood furniture, your contemporary home can use natural and organic materials in decking outside, leather furniture for your interiors, and simple decorative elements displayed throughout your home. The contemporary period of living brought about a new sense of using organic materials such as wood, rock, slate, teak, cotton, wool, and other gorgeous textiles in modern furnishings and not just reserved for traditional home uses. A great slate material you can use for your kitchen is this Cyan Design Mocha Slate Tray.

  • Opt for Airy Furniture

Furniture designers started to create sofas, tables, and home furnishings that reflected a more relaxed approach to living. Stuffy and heavy ornamentation was replaced with clean rectilinear lines, and this gave way to contemporary homes feeling lighter in weight and more casual in livability. In addition, furniture was raised off the floor to give a weightless appeal, and your home can adopt these same qualities.

  • Choose an Open Floor Plan

Contemporary homes have a sense of uniting all of the interior spaces into one grand experience. The term “great room” has been used to signify a blurring of the distinct walls and boundaries of living spaces with the kitchen, family room, etc. An open floor plan is ideal and is iconic in contemporary homes and creates a unified design aesthetic throughout your home.

  • Go Smart!

Contemporary details of wireless and remote access controls for controlling electronics, heating/cooling systems, lighting, security, and more are hidden behind the beautiful details. Try bringing innovative controls into your home lifestyle and see how much your contemporary home will feel. Technology has become the hidden luxury detail to add to contemporary homes.

  • It is all in the Details

Similar to design periods of the past, detailing is essential in a contemporary home. Fine elements such as lighting fixtures that are distinct and look like works of fine art are kept simple and distinct. Hand railings and banisters that were once large, handcrafted pieces of wood in past design decades are replaced with innovative tension cables, glass, or industrial materials. Look to add contemporary details that get noticed yet do not distract your minimal interiors.

How To Decorate Your Kitchen Fit For A Cooking Show!

Another amazing feature of the opulent home of Chrissy Teagen is her kitchen. Chrissy’s kitchen is the ideal venue for a chef-author to test and film the creation of sumptuous recipes. If you want to upgrade your kitchen, here are the ways how (without breaking the bank!).

  • Upgrade your Kitchen Lights

This one little refresh can update the look and feel of your whole space AND make it much easier to work in. Look for modern but inexpensive light fixtures locally or online. 

There are many ways for you to keep your kitchen fresh and modern. First, you can add pendant lights over your kitchen peninsula. Take, for example, this Benzara Wire Pendant Light, which will go great for any modern kitchen! You can also add a dramatic sconce light over your kitchen sink. Lastly, you can add puck lighting or a string of tiny white lights underneath your cabinets to illuminate your counter for working and to add ambiance.

  • Open up your Walls

Removing some of your upper cabinetry can completely transform your kitchen. It will feel lighter, more modern, and perhaps even more functional. Open shelving is a great way to display stacks of the everyday dishes you use, along with items like cookbooks, serving platters, and fresh herbs. In addition, it is more convenient for grabbing and putting away dishes where they belong.

There are two options you can do to open up your kitchen walls. First, you could remove the upper cabinets altogether and replace them with open floating shelves. The second option includes removing the doors and hardware from a few of your existing uppers.

  • Add a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash does wonders to amp up the personality of your kitchen. It feels modern even if you add white subway tile with old oak cabinets. For something even more fun, go for patterned ceramic tiles, especially if you have only a small space or one wall that could make a big impact. You might even consider shiplap or wainscoting panels as an inexpensive but beautiful backsplash. A great backsplash to use for your kitchen is this Benzara Stone Plastic Composite Mosaic Tile in Gray and Black.

  • Change your Hardware

Upgrading your cabinet hardware and your faucet makes a big impact with little investment of time or money. You could opt for black, sleek polished chrome or go for a bold mixed metal statement and use brass even if you have stainless steel appliances. It has a very modern feel.

  • Upgrade your Peninsula

Refreshing just your island or peninsula with shiplap on the back, painting it, or adding corbels can add character and life to your kitchen. You might also consider extending an island that does not currently have seating by purchasing a new countertop with an overhang and adding legs.

  • Add a touch of Elegance

Forget paint and tile; to amp up your current kitchen, you could add elegant or unexpected decorative touches like a piece of art, a lamp on the counter, an antique mirror or rack, copper pots, and pans, or a silver tray to put cooking oils on. You can take inspiration with this Zeugma Silver Tray to add a touch of elegance to your modern kitchen.

  • Paint your Cabinets

If you have perfectly good wood cabinets but hate the dated color, consider painting them instead of purchasing a whole new set. You could go classic white, a soft, light grey, or try a two-toned look.

How To Style Your Glam Room

One of the amazing features of Chrissy Teigen’s opulent luxury home in Beverly Hills includes an Italian-inspired glam room where she can try on all her designer clothes. If you want your glam room, here are ways on how you can transform your space accordingly.

  • Focal Point

Your dressing table needs something large on the wall to provide a visual balance. You could hang a single piece of artwork or a collection of smaller pictures, which will make your dressing room look chic and add depth. Interior design specialists suggest hanging your focal point at least half the width of the top of the dresser but not wider than the dresser. Take inspiration with this Walker Edison Round Metal Framed Mirror, which you can use to hang in front of your dresser.

  • Tall Accessories

You should add something tall to stand next to your hanging mirror or artwork, which will help to zone your space. A second lamp would work well for your glam room. If your bedroom already has a bedside lamp, you should go for a tall houseplant or a tall pillar candle. This adds character to your dresser and creates a balance with your focal point. A great example is this Zeugma Tall Floor Lamp.

  • Use Trays

What is the best way to keep everything organized on a dressing table? Keep them in order by using a tray. Aim to have a different tray for makeup and jewelry, so instead of having everything tangled up in drawers, you can find everything when you need to. If not a tray, then a jewelry box with different compartments is ideal. A great example is this Homeroots Table Mirror in Black.

  • Invest in Good Vanity Lights

Lighting is particularly important, if not the most important element, in any space in the home. If you want full-on luxury, a Hollywood-style mirror will allow you to get ready with perfect lighting and add a touch of glam to your space.


Chrissy Teigen is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, Twitter, and her political and perspectives in important social issues. Like what was mentioned, every queen needs a castle, and her opulent Beverly Hills home reflects her luxurious taste. Hopefully, the article above helps you transform your space so you can spend a day in the life of Chrissy Teigen!

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